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The main plan is for short term plan and long term plan in Sha Allah Ta’āla :
There is an extreme need
for these due to even the current irreligious influences of the corrupt religious claimers such as Shii’i  and extra among those who give to the Muslims umma some little tokens of money and other worldly gains while messing up the sound creed of MUSLIM, the results for which things become so negative about Islam. Which must not be the case.

Hence, we announce to our  general members and the public, especially the new ones, of our aims and objectives of regarding the target of sautulhaqq office and platforms which are briefly in the following – ✨

(1) Organizing a da-awah training and workshops, in line with the correct teachings of the Prophet ( S.A.W ) i.e Al-kitāb-Was-Sunnah Upon the methodology of Prophet’s companions.

(2) Ensuring a proper and educative counseling for the Muslim Ummah in general, and our Muslim youth in particular towards being responsible in surmounting their present challenges and to help them refrain from all immoral acts that are spreading in the name of Islam and Prophetic traditions ( Sunnah ) etc.

3) The establishment of an fm/radio station in Kumasi/Ghana for such an important goals.

4) Building a mini Muslim clinic at present comprising of male and female care units that run according to the correct teachings of Islam and Sunna free from unnecessary mixing.

5) Ensuring a scholarship platforms for a quick Da’wah response against any religious deviation that distort the sanctity of Correct Islam and lure our youth for an un-Islamic practices !

6 ) Personal development training, when empowering the youth for sound endeavors etc.

7) Setting up an orphanage as a centre for a sound Islamic upbringing.

8) Ensuring girl-child education, especially Islamic studies for being proper Muslimah in order avoid being utilized for wrong course.

9 ) Enforcement of Adult education in our centre,

10) Specific and rural for sound educational da’wah to save our brothers and sisters from being influenced by the wrong people for irreligious gains etc ,
11) The office will spread it’s Da’wah through all forms of the media channels while also utilizing the technology with rapid teachings of the real Islam and Sunna as understood by the Prophet’s companions !

These are some of the goals and aspirations of our educational da’wah centre and office for Islamic religious development,
Any contribution is welcomed for the realization of these objectives !

The above is brief of what we intend doing in close a very future in sha Allah !????????

We ask ALLĀH Ta’ālah to make these and many more a reality. Indeed ours is to have the intention and willingness. ALLĀH Ta’ālah got the rest and He will continue to provide for any one who wishes to support.

بارك الله فيكم ، وجزاكم الله Aameen !